How To: Adulting


As many of you know, adulting is a hard thing– that none of us asked for, yet somehow got stuck with it. Today’s post will hopefully benefit you as much as it does me in my everyday “adulting” life, as I will be sharing three of my tips on how to “adult” your best with the least amount of effort (because who in their right mind likes effort?!).

Have a Planner

I cannot stress this enough how important a planner is in my life. It’s probably the only way I get shiiii done. Not only is it a great way to organize your most likely hectic life, but it’s a totally effective way to map out your schedule. #TimeManagement #FirstWorldProbs

Have a Budget

This is definitely a problem for me (says the shopaholic). I can literally spend a paycheck on useless things much faster than I’d like to admit. But, if done right, a budget can totally save you some much needed money (poor college life, amiiright?). Thanks to my discovery of Credit Card Insider, I’ve recently gotten a credit card– which is really dangerous for me but I’m trying the whole adulting thing on the next level and building my credit. We’ll see how this goes :’)

Have a Happy Place

Stress increases with age, so it’s best to find your happy place now. Taking a break everyday to do something like yoga, reading, exercise, amongst other things can make the daunting idea of adulting that much easier. Again, effort.

**Bonus Tip**

It always helps to look at adulting memes to know other people suck at adulting just as much as you!


Health & Weight Loss Tips


Hey guys! So, as I said in my “You Are What You Eat” blog post, I’ve been on a health journey. The reason I began this journey is because last semester I fell victim to the freshman 15. I went into college weighing 113 pounds, and by the time Christmas came around I was 124. This was a reality check to me, and I decided to make major changes to my life. Today’s post is the tips I used when going about losing the weight I had gained, and how I’ve kept it off since January.

1. For every glass of sugar drink (non-water) you consume, have a glass of water the same size at the same time. It cleanses your system, and keeps you hydrated.

2. Stick to a schedule: eat and workout at set times.

3. Don’t restrict. Eat as much as you want, as long as they’re the right nutrients-filled food.

4. Cut back on animal products. Animal products contain a lot of fats your body holds onto.

5. Cut back on processed foods. They slow your system down, just like the animal products.

6. Love the labels. Learn to read and understand what the food labels mean.

7. Make an effort to track your nutrition. You want to make sure you’re getting enough of the right vitamins, protein, etc.

8. Don’t drink your calories.

9. When you go out to eat, have an idea of a healthy option– you don’t want to be caught off-guard if there isn’t anything for you to eat.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or substitutions on menu items.

11. Snack right: know what you’re craving and what they mean. There’s a lot of charts that can help you understand what your body needs.

12. Know your limits and when to stop workouts. You don’t want to push yourself too much– yes, this is a thing!

13. Drink cold water: it’s good for your metabolism 🙂

14. Drink tea: it’s filled with anti-oxidants and boosts your metabolism.

15. Numbers aren’t everything. If you find yourself gaining weight, it may be your muscle mass increasing.

16. Monitor your progress: it proves to be extra motivation!

17. SLEEEEEEP!!!!!!! But not too much– yes, this is a thing, also. Only 8-10 hours, otherwise your blood cells end up losing oxygen which causes you to be drowsier (it’s a never ending cycle).

18. Remove distractions while eating. Set your phone to the side and focus on your food. It will help you know when you’re really full instead of mindless eating.

19. Prep your own food. You’re more likely to have the right serving sizes than if someone else prepares your food.

20. Use water to cook! A lot of people think there’s no healthy substitution of oil, but you can easily replace it with water, as long as you continuously add more as needed.

21. Don’t hate yourself if you slip up. #TreatYoSelf 🙂

**disclaimer: I am in no way a health expert. If you disagree with some of these tips, they’re just personal experiences that have worked for me!

Day Around Highland | Madellina Talks

Hey guys! I hope your Spring Breaks are going AMAZINGGGGG!!!!! This week’s post is going to be pretty minimal again (I know I suck) as it is another video 😛 Earlier in the week i thought it would be cool to film my typical “Highland” routine- the places I go/ things i do, etc. Hopefully you don’t completely hate me 🙂 I promise next week will be a legit post again! Xx

Spring Wishlist 2016

2016 spring collab

It’s officially the first day of Spring, and, of course, that calls for a post. I’ve recently discovered Spring, an online shop inspired by the beautiful boutiques lining New York City’s Spring Street in SoHo. Usually I’m a little weary about using new online shops unless they’re recommended by a friend. However, I can honestly say I’m literally so obsessed. Today’s post was going to be Spring Essentials/ Wishlist from a variety of stores, but, considering how deeply connected I now feel with this shop, all of the items are from Spring.


As of three weeks ago- when I started a new hair care treatment- I’ve been loving hats. Sunhats are a sign that summer days are near. Not only are they super chic, but they’re such a cute way to dress up any outfit. If you’re having a lazy day, just throw on a baseball hat. 😛

Panama Hat $19.90  /  Hibiscus Floral Hat $44 $12


Is it even considered spring without a new pair of sunglasses? This website has the absolute CUTEST collection of sunglasses you’ll find- there’s such a variety… I kinda want to buy them all /.\

Rose Round $39.95  /  Evelyn Round Cat Eye $39.95


I’ve always been very picky about buying a new belt; finding the right color, texture, as well as something that I can wear with multiple outfits gets exhausting. Good news is I just found a new favorite!! I love the metallic vibe going on- very coachella- it’s something I love seeing around springtime.

Ramone Belt $97 $40


No, not a necessity. But always so addicting to shop for :’) Keychains are always the cutest to look at; they’re so mini and fun! Plus, who doesn’t love adding a bunch to their backpack or purse? These four are definitely my favorite on the website; #sorelatable.

YAS Key Tag $16  /  Mini MAC Key Fob $65

I Can’t Adult Today $16  /  Cute AF $16

This is just a handful of their accessories, but they carry over 800 brands; there’s literally something for everyone. Crying inside because I want it all 😛 If you want to check out all of their products you can download their app and go crazy 🙂 I hope you liked this and are as excited as me for spring to finally be here!!!

*All photos provided by*

Dorm Tour | Madellina Talks

Hey guys! So this past week I relaunched my YouTube channel, Madellina Talks, and posted my first video, a dorm tour! I had originally planned a different post for this week, but seeing as I want to incorporate my channel with this blog, I thought it would be better to post them at the same time. I hope you like it! 🙂

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