Blogmas Day 9: A Holiday Poem

It’s That Time of Year

It’s that time of year

Where the ground is all white

The sun is done shinning

There’s a chill in the night

It’s that time of year

Twinkle lights galore

We decorate trees

Even prettier than before

But at this time of year

It’s not about me

It’s not about you

Or the lights or the trees

For this time of year

Is for love and for joy

For those less fortunate

For the girls and the boys

The holidays come

And the holidays go

But the spirit within us

Will forever have its glow.

~Madellina 12/09/2015


Do You Remember?


Hi lovelies! Last week, as I was cleaning my closet, I found an old file of my writings. In the file was a project from 8th grade I did on the Holocaust. This piece of writing was a way to try to put myself in their shoes, and how life would look through their eyes. I know I’l never fully understand what they were going through, but it’s the basic idea of being taken from everything you know and thrown into a new reality.

Do You Remember?

I remember when I would lay in the grass while the river moves quickly next to me.

I remember playing tag in the woods, zooming past each tree.

I remember every winter, drinking hot chocolate by the fire after a long day of snowball fights.

I remember going where I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I remember having a name instead of a number.

Do you remember?

Letter to Little Me

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Dear little me,

I hope you’re happy. Because after all you’ve been through, you deserve the best life possible. Full of opportunities, friends, and family. I bet you’re wondering what it’s like for you now, huh? Honestly? It’s hard. But that’s life for you; whoever says differently is lying. You’re currently a senior in high school (so old!) and are awaiting acceptance into college. I won’t tell you which one, I’ll let that be a surprise. This year isn’t as great as I’ve heard it’s supposed to be. There are so many hardships and people to deal with. But your life isn’t all that bad, in fact, I want you to know how blessed you are for the things you take for granted every day. Go right now and thank your mother for all she’s done; and continue to everyday. I don’t want this to be too long, and give away too much of your future. I just wanted to tell you to be comfortable with yourself. Open up and enjoy the people around you, because you deserve all of the happiness in the world. So stop trying to grow up so fast, the time will come. Enjoy being a kid, and preserve your innocence. Keep your head up, girl, stay beautiful, and remember, I’ll always love you.

See you soon♡