Get Ready With Me: Audition Edition

Hello my beauties! ❤  This week is going to be a lazy post again– solely for the sake of my sanity… it’s a long story /.\ I’ve decided to share another (you guess it!) YouTube video! This past week I posted a Get Ready with Me: Audition Edition. Really the title says it all :’)

**Side note: The agency liked me and this chica is signed :)**


Black Opium by YSL Review


Hello beautiful humans 🙂 I like to think I’ve been pretty open about my shopping problem. And, if you’ve ever been inside of a Sephora, you’d understand why this post is happening. As amazing as makeup is, I always go straight to the perfumes (because who doesn’t love yummy smells?). Ever since last year I’ve been obsessed with one specific scent: Black Opium by YSL. Today I wanted to give you a review 🙂

Like I said, I’ve been completely in love with this perfume since last year. So during my previous journey to MOA I decided to finally buy it. Sadly, I only got the rollerball version ($25) because I’m a broke ass college student and cherish the money I do have (plus saving for Spring Break is a job in itself for me). However, I’d be content with just a sample of this because that’s how amazing it is.

I’ll spray it twice in the morning and it lasts all day. Not gonna lie, I even spray it before bed because it’s so sweet and springy. The only word coming to mind is clean :’) This is definitely something you would like if you are into Someday by Justin Bieber or Flowerbomb by Viktor&Ralph (two more perfumes I’m totally in love with). I say next time you’re wandering around Sephora, get a sample of this (yes, they give out samples– it’s AMAZING) and try it out 🙂 I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

(On a scale of 5)

Scent: 5

Time: 5

Price: 5

Overall: 5 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Bath & Body Works Addict

bath and body

Hi lovelies! Today’s post will be pretty short, as I’m sick and typing is really a chore at the moment :P. I just wanted to get something up 🙂


Yesterday I went to the Mall of America. If you know anything about me you’d know I have a slight shopping problem. However, I did really well yesterday. Whenever I came across something cute I asked myself “Do I need this?” and the answer was obviously no, I don’t need 3 of the same shirt in different colors or a $500 prom dress just because it’s cute. Like I said, I did really well keeping myself in check… until we went into Bath and Body Works.

I walked into the store with the sole purpose of buying something small in order to break a $20 for change to take the bus (the horror!!!!!). However, once I stepped inside, the heavenly aroma –as well as amazing employees– did everything in its power to make me buy everything. I will give a huge kudos to their salespeople; they know exactly how to sell their products.

I went straight to the hand sanitizers (keeping in mind my main goal- break the $20). But then there was a sign that said 5 for $6, so how could I not, you know? I figured I would still get change, and that’s all that mattered. But having so many hand sanitizers, I would definitely need a hand sanitizer holder, right? So I proceeded to the checkout… where, of course, there are so many goodies with yummy smells surrounding the counters. I tried to have self control, but when my friend showed me this pineapple scented mini lotion, I decided to get it as well. Finally, someone was open to ring me up. But, alas, I’m not that lucky. They proceeded to tell me the lotions were 3 for $12. At $5 a piece, I figured I was practically getting one for free! So I went back and grabbed two more yummy smelling lotions.

I wish I could say this was the end, but not quite. They asked for my number and email and then gave me a coupon for 20% off. In what world am I not going to use 20% off?!?! The good news is this sale doesn’t start for a few more weeks, so I have time to make more money before I blow it all. The total came up to be over $20, so I used the 20 I was intending to break and then some.

For the sake and greater good of society, I hope you all have more self control than I do. And, for some reason, if you can relate to this, I feel for you. The struggle is real. I’m such an impulse buyer. On a better note I do smell really good.

And remember how I said we were planning on taking the bus? After struggling to find the bus stop, and not knowing which route to take, we ended up taking a cab back. I hope you enjoyed my first world problems, and if you want to keep up with my struggles, go check out my connect page!


Blogmas Day 12: Get The Look

Hello my beautiful people ❤ We’re almost halfway through Blogmas already :O For today’s post I made you another little holiday inspired “Get The Look” with the help of my friend, Ayan (despite the fact that this help was not asked for ❤ ). I hope you like it!! 🙂

All I Want For Christmas (Is You)


Chi Chi knee length dress
$115 –

Christian Louboutin high heel shoes
$645 –

La Regale evening handbag
$28 –

Topshop nail polish
$7.59 –

Snowflake ornament

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Blogmas Day 8:Braided Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Hi my little Rosebuds! If you’re anything like me, you’ll love finding new hairstyles; especially those inspired for the holidays! ❤ I was scrolling through my Pinterest in hopes for a Men’s Gift Guide, much like the Top 25 Gifts for Her post I have published, when I found the cutest hair style, and couldn’t not post it 🙂

Start with doing a regular three strand braid on the side you want your braid to be.

Make sure that when you are braided you wanna keep it pulled to the back for the ponytail or else hair bumps can happen!

When you are finished braiding, the next step is to pull it apart until you get the desired fullness.

Gather hair into a high ponytail & then add the braid

Once you have secured it all with a elastic I used the end of my braid and wrapped it around the ponytail then secured it with a bobby pin.

Here is the completed look! Thanks for reading xox

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