Get Ready With Me: Audition Edition

Hello my beauties! ❤  This week is going to be a lazy post again– solely for the sake of my sanity… it’s a long story /.\ I’ve decided to share another (you guess it!) YouTube video! This past week I posted a Get Ready with Me: Audition Edition. Really the title says it all :’)

**Side note: The agency liked me and this chica is signed :)**


How To: De-Stress


Hello my lovelies ❤ This upcoming week is finals (I cry just thinking about it), which tends to bring a lot of stress. So, I decided to share with you a few ways to destress– not just for finals but family, work, people in general. Hope they help you as much as they help me, and good luck! You’re almost done with the year!!! What time is it? #SummerTime What team? #Wildcats! Okay, done with HSM… for now.


My favorite way to destress has always been exercise; more specifically yoga. Any form of meditation is great for your mind, but yoga- being more active than typical meditation- also interacts movements, making the body less tense, too. I also really recommend it because you don’t have to be one of those people that goes anywhere to participate in this. There’s soooo many online resources for yoga poses;  Pinterest, YouTube, books. And you don’t need to invest a lot of money or time on equipment and such. It’s very flexible (no pun intended). 😛


Tea is AMAZINGGG. Need I say more? My personal favorite has been Chamomile- I use it to help me sleep. Each tea has different benefits, so I suggest looking more into that in order to have the best kind for you. Some more I really like are Sleepy Time, Plantation Mint, and White Chocolate Peppermint. Green Tea has also been really beneficial to me in the past. An extra tip is using the tea bags for your skin: it helps soften, hydrate, prevent wrinkles, and get rid of undereye darkness. Try it outttt!!!


Recently I’ve been avoiding going out and opting for more girls nights in. I find this a great way to take a break from all of the school work (we even dedicate a few hours to doing our work, but it ends up being a lot easier/ fun with someone else suffering with you). It’s so so SO important to remember to take a break for yourself and get in some “me” time. I feel you, girl- finals can make you crayyyyy. Take a day a week and do something you like: watch a movie, have a spa night, go out to eat- whatever your little heart desires 🙂


If all else fails, maybe all you really need is a nice nap and some music. I’ve always been the kind of person that felt the need to sleep for HOURS, when in reality all you need in the middle of the day is a quick power snooze for about 15 minutes. You’ll feel so refreshed and ready to kick ass. Pop in some headphones, listen to one of those study playlists, and you’re set.

If you’re in the same unlucky boat as me this week dealing with finals, good luck to you. Like I said, I feel your pain. But after we suffer through this, we get SUMMER!!!! You got this 🙂

Weekend Update: 5/6/16-5/8/16


Hey guys! So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written an actual post. I’ve completely been blanking on topics to write about so I take the easy way out and end up posting my weekly videos and such. I’m hoping today’s post will help me get back in the swing of things and just do an update on what I’ve done this past weekend. Hope you likey!! 🙂

Friday was a really chill day. My friends and I ended up having a photoshoot in the quad during the lunch period. I’m really happy with how the picies turned out– such cute! I also had vegan chinese food (which was AMAZING!!!), and stopped by a picninc the mentors held (which sadly got moved inside due to it being too hot. TOO hot! That’s crazy how perfect it’s getting outside 😀 ).

Saturday I ended up taking a day trip to Wisconsin (but lemme tell you, those cheeseheads know what’s up). Not only was it perfect weather and get to sit outside– AMEN to restaurant patios!– but the food was AMAZEBALLS and just a great trip overall. I was quickly taken off my pedestal when my day went from motorcycle rides to working *shudder* *cringe* *gag*.

Sunday was Mother’s Day 🙂 ❤ I ended up going to the Guthrie to see a play: Harvey. Honestly I thought I would hate it. However, I totally recommend it for literally EVERYONE it’s so frickin adorbs I’m basically fangirling over it right now. It’s also a movie, so if that tickles your fancy, go check it out 😛 But yeah, my granny, sister, mum, and I grabbed some *amazing* food at Level Five Cafe (which is right inside the theater and sooooooooo bomb) then went in and watched the play. I personally think our seats were legit the best; we were up on the balcony, in the center: perfect view of EVERYTHING!!!

That’s literally all I did this weekend– I know I have no life. If this was more interesting to you than my recent “go watch my videos post because I’m too lazy to actually write anything”, then I have succeeded 🙂 Have an amazing day and eat some bombass food because YUMS! K byeeeeee


April Favorites | Madellina Talks

Hey lovelies!!! So so sorry for not posting this past weekend; but better late than never, right?? 😛 Just last week I posted a video on my April Favorites! And, seeing as how April isn’t that far back, I figured I could get away with posting it as a blog post, too! :’)


How To: Adulting


As many of you know, adulting is a hard thing– that none of us asked for, yet somehow got stuck with it. Today’s post will hopefully benefit you as much as it does me in my everyday “adulting” life, as I will be sharing three of my tips on how to “adult” your best with the least amount of effort (because who in their right mind likes effort?!).

Have a Planner

I cannot stress this enough how important a planner is in my life. It’s probably the only way I get shiiii done. Not only is it a great way to organize your most likely hectic life, but it’s a totally effective way to map out your schedule. #TimeManagement #FirstWorldProbs

Have a Budget

This is definitely a problem for me (says the shopaholic). I can literally spend a paycheck on useless things much faster than I’d like to admit. But, if done right, a budget can totally save you some much needed money (poor college life, amiiright?). Thanks to my discovery of Credit Card Insider, I’ve recently gotten a credit card– which is really dangerous for me but I’m trying the whole adulting thing on the next level and building my credit. We’ll see how this goes :’)

Have a Happy Place

Stress increases with age, so it’s best to find your happy place now. Taking a break everyday to do something like yoga, reading, exercise, amongst other things can make the daunting idea of adulting that much easier. Again, effort.

**Bonus Tip**

It always helps to look at adulting memes to know other people suck at adulting just as much as you!