Weekend Update: 5/6/16-5/8/16


Hey guys! So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written an actual post. I’ve completely been blanking on topics to write about so I take the easy way out and end up posting my weekly videos and such. I’m hoping today’s post will help me get back in the swing of things and just do an update on what I’ve done this past weekend. Hope you likey!! 🙂

Friday was a really chill day. My friends and I ended up having a photoshoot in the quad during the lunch period. I’m really happy with how the picies turned out– such cute! I also had vegan chinese food (which was AMAZING!!!), and stopped by a picninc the mentors held (which sadly got moved inside due to it being too hot. TOO hot! That’s crazy how perfect it’s getting outside 😀 ).

Saturday I ended up taking a day trip to Wisconsin (but lemme tell you, those cheeseheads know what’s up). Not only was it perfect weather and get to sit outside– AMEN to restaurant patios!– but the food was AMAZEBALLS and just a great trip overall. I was quickly taken off my pedestal when my day went from motorcycle rides to working *shudder* *cringe* *gag*.

Sunday was Mother’s Day 🙂 ❤ I ended up going to the Guthrie to see a play: Harvey. Honestly I thought I would hate it. However, I totally recommend it for literally EVERYONE it’s so frickin adorbs I’m basically fangirling over it right now. It’s also a movie, so if that tickles your fancy, go check it out 😛 But yeah, my granny, sister, mum, and I grabbed some *amazing* food at Level Five Cafe (which is right inside the theater and sooooooooo bomb) then went in and watched the play. I personally think our seats were legit the best; we were up on the balcony, in the center: perfect view of EVERYTHING!!!

That’s literally all I did this weekend– I know I have no life. If this was more interesting to you than my recent “go watch my videos post because I’m too lazy to actually write anything”, then I have succeeded 🙂 Have an amazing day and eat some bombass food because YUMS! K byeeeeee


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