How To: Adulting


As many of you know, adulting is a hard thing– that none of us asked for, yet somehow got stuck with it. Today’s post will hopefully benefit you as much as it does me in my everyday “adulting” life, as I will be sharing three of my tips on how to “adult” your best with the least amount of effort (because who in their right mind likes effort?!).

Have a Planner

I cannot stress this enough how important a planner is in my life. It’s probably the only way I get shiiii done. Not only is it a great way to organize your most likely hectic life, but it’s a totally effective way to map out your schedule. #TimeManagement #FirstWorldProbs

Have a Budget

This is definitely a problem for me (says the shopaholic). I can literally spend a paycheck on useless things much faster than I’d like to admit. But, if done right, a budget can totally save you some much needed money (poor college life, amiiright?). Thanks to my discovery of Credit Card Insider, I’ve recently gotten a credit card– which is really dangerous for me but I’m trying the whole adulting thing on the next level and building my credit. We’ll see how this goes :’)

Have a Happy Place

Stress increases with age, so it’s best to find your happy place now. Taking a break everyday to do something like yoga, reading, exercise, amongst other things can make the daunting idea of adulting that much easier. Again, effort.

**Bonus Tip**

It always helps to look at adulting memes to know other people suck at adulting just as much as you!


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