Bath & Body Works Addict

bath and body

Hi lovelies! Today’s post will be pretty short, as I’m sick and typing is really a chore at the moment :P. I just wanted to get something up 🙂


Yesterday I went to the Mall of America. If you know anything about me you’d know I have a slight shopping problem. However, I did really well yesterday. Whenever I came across something cute I asked myself “Do I need this?” and the answer was obviously no, I don’t need 3 of the same shirt in different colors or a $500 prom dress just because it’s cute. Like I said, I did really well keeping myself in check… until we went into Bath and Body Works.

I walked into the store with the sole purpose of buying something small in order to break a $20 for change to take the bus (the horror!!!!!). However, once I stepped inside, the heavenly aroma –as well as amazing employees– did everything in its power to make me buy everything. I will give a huge kudos to their salespeople; they know exactly how to sell their products.

I went straight to the hand sanitizers (keeping in mind my main goal- break the $20). But then there was a sign that said 5 for $6, so how could I not, you know? I figured I would still get change, and that’s all that mattered. But having so many hand sanitizers, I would definitely need a hand sanitizer holder, right? So I proceeded to the checkout… where, of course, there are so many goodies with yummy smells surrounding the counters. I tried to have self control, but when my friend showed me this pineapple scented mini lotion, I decided to get it as well. Finally, someone was open to ring me up. But, alas, I’m not that lucky. They proceeded to tell me the lotions were 3 for $12. At $5 a piece, I figured I was practically getting one for free! So I went back and grabbed two more yummy smelling lotions.

I wish I could say this was the end, but not quite. They asked for my number and email and then gave me a coupon for 20% off. In what world am I not going to use 20% off?!?! The good news is this sale doesn’t start for a few more weeks, so I have time to make more money before I blow it all. The total came up to be over $20, so I used the 20 I was intending to break and then some.

For the sake and greater good of society, I hope you all have more self control than I do. And, for some reason, if you can relate to this, I feel for you. The struggle is real. I’m such an impulse buyer. On a better note I do smell really good.

And remember how I said we were planning on taking the bus? After struggling to find the bus stop, and not knowing which route to take, we ended up taking a cab back. I hope you enjoyed my first world problems, and if you want to keep up with my struggles, go check out my connect page!


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