You Are What you Eat


Hi lovelies! Ever since November I ditched my vegetarian diet, and began to eat meat again. All you animals lovers can hate me if you want, but I was at a point where my body was craving it so much, I took the cravings as a sign that it was a vital part of nutrients that I was missing. Today I’m going to talk about my past experience as a vegetarian and how I currently look at (and classify) my diet.



Starting in 2008, little fifth grade me decided it was mean to eat meat; so I gave it up. Yeah, it’s kind of a sad reason to stop eating something so yummy. However, as the years went on, the more I learned about things like animal cruelty, lower risks for diseases, and factory farming. It also forced me to learn how to balance a healthy diet in order to get the nutrients I needed.

**Fast forward to today, February 2016**

After being a “semi-meat-eater” for the past 3 months, I’ve decided to stop eating it again (for the most part). I only say that last bit because I don’t want to limit myself to a diet that my body may not physically want me to follow, like my previous situation. For now, I’ve spent my days eating TONS of fruits and veggies– being similar to a vegan diet, other than my occasional honey for sweetener. Like I said, I’m choosing to not label my diet, and just make sure I’m getting the nutrition I need.

Along with this newfound health journey, I’ve been sticking with my daily exercise. It’s honestly so refreshing for my body and mind. With all of the organic foods I’ve been eating, I literally eat until I’m full. And because the foods are so enriching with vitamins and all its yummyness, I’m able to stay full for longer without the need to constantly snack.

If you want to keep up with my health journey, follow me on instagram 🙂 I’m constantly posting about my meals and fitness. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have an amazing day. Lots of love!


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