Blogmas Day 1: Get the Look

Hey guys! It’s finally December 🙂 And, much like last year, I’ve decided to participate in Blogmas!!!! As stressful as I know this is going to be, I can honestly say I’m incredibly excited. As my first post is going up quite late, this is a last minute “Get the Look”. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to the upcoming 30 days filled with holiday inspiration!

How Deep Is Your Love?

Jacket- Pink Queen $54  /  Top- M&S $27  /  Pants- By Symphony $1,033

Shoes- Nasty Dress $34  /  Purse- New Chic $6

Lipstick- Tory Burch $32  /  Perfume- Century 21 $40  /  Polish- Essie $9

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