Not Just An Accessory


Do you ever find yourself constantly wearing the same necklace? Do you have a (strong) bond with a favourite pair of earrings? Let’s face it, the majority by us are guilty of having a favourite piece of jewelry that we will wear with everything –and yes, I mean EVERYTHING.

I’ve recently partnered up with to give you a little “Behind the Scenes” with my jewelry. Invaluable is an online auction marketplace with the cutest things imaginable. They have all sorts of artwork, vintage decor, and jewelry up for auction! They asked me to write a post on my favorite piece of jewelry and the story behind it; so here goes.

As cliche (or even stupid) as it may seem, my favorite piece of jewelry is my class ring. Although I JUST graduated, I feel like my class ring holds so many memories –although not all of them good.

I got my class ring sophomore year, and remember how excited I was for it to come in the mail. When it was finally delivered, I almost screamed with anticipation as my mother handed me the package. It wasn’t anything too special (just the standard school ring) but back then in meant the world to me, and still does today.

Like I said earlier, although I just graduated,my ring represents my high school experience, and will be a constant reminder everyday I see it. The ring shows the past four years of my life — and to me, that’s totally amazing.

However, as I mentioned this as well, not all of my memories are good ones. No, I’m not talking about the typical high school overweight and acne filled horror stories. My senior year was a particularly bad one. As many of you already know, my classmate/close friend died. So whenever I wear my ring, its like a tribute to him. It’s my way of keep in him with me.

Everyone has their hardships and bad memories through high school, but there will always be so many more happy ones to outweigh the bad. As stressful and chaotic as my high school experience was, I wouldn’t trade those drama filled days for the world. For I believe that its the details in life that shape who we are, and without each experience I would not be the person I am today.

I hope you enjoyed hearing the background of my jewelry, and feel free to share your own. If you do write a post, use #Invaluable2015 for people to find it a little easier. Thanks for reading and I shall see you, my little Rosebuds, next time. 🙂

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