How I Deal with Spring Cleaning

As the warm weather comes, everyone thinks to swap out their wardrobe. But, what a lot of people forget is to change up their environment. Spring cleaning is an opportunity people take advantage of. So clean out your clothes, clean out your fridge, and clean out your rooms. Today I went ahead and cleared off my cluttered dresser and gave it a “Spring” vibe.


My morning began with me pulling out my bags, deciding which one was more “spring”. If you have read my What’s in a Name? post, you’ll know all about Lulu (and Lily). I haven’t quite gotten around to putting anything in it yet, but I’ve hung it on my dresser to remind me to fill her up, as well as easy access when I’m in a hurry (which happens more often than not).


On the top of my dresser, I’ve centered a chic, gold candle in the shape of a star. I wanted to keep the gold theme, so I added two of my most often worn rings (which both happen to have hearts). The bottom ring was given to me from my mother, but the top is from Patina, on sale for $13 (I think?).


The back right corner has a powder pink container from my childhood. I used to put my trinkets in it, but decided it was time to re-purpose it. I continued adding pink, as a pop of Spring, and put in some sunglasses to grab quickly. This is one of my favourite pieces on my dresser, to be honest. It reminds me of my childhood 🙂


To the left of my glasses is an array of things. Here’s just an overview. (No, I am not ashamed of my piggy bank).


Over the years, I have invested in many EOS; expanding my collection at every opportunity possible. The Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet looked adorable on top, I had to add them. Above the lip balms is my Justin Bieber perfume. (Again, not ashamed. Mostly because it was a gift, but also because it smells SO good).


In front of a picture of my sister, grandmother, and I (from grandparent’s day) is a vase I bought from Patina a little while back. Obviously, it’s pink (because, why not?). I’m not quite sure what to put in it, but plan on adding some flowers I pick throughout the summer from my walks.


Lastly, I put a candle (which I received for my birthday, so thanks Daya!) that smells heavenly. On top of that I wanted to keep my good luck charms out in the open. They always give me a sense of relief. Some of the items are from when I was a baby, and the collection has grown over the years.

Overall, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be only one thing. And you certainly don’t have to wait for a new season to gain a sense of organization back in your life. Don’t be like me and wait until it gets too chaotic; clean up your life right now! And happy spring 🙂

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