How to Not Hate Exercise


Exercise is such an important part of our culture. As an American, I feel like the pressure to “get fit” is increasing. So how do I deal with this pressure? Well, I don’t think of myself as an intense exerciser. I try to aim for the basic, yet still effective, routines; most of this would be yoga.

I’ve recently come across an app called Not only does it give you new poses to try out, but it’s a community of yogis, like yourself, to come together and share your progress and new ideas. I love this app because it gives you mini videos on each pose rather than simple pictures (the here’s a picture, now try to figure it out kind on most sites). You can work out (or, if you’re like me, meditate) to some calming music the app provides, track your workouts, and share on Facebook or Twitter (because who doesn’t want some extra support?!). is on my top 3 favourite apps right now, and I hope you’ll give it a try, too, because I kow you’ll love it as much, if not more than, me!

**Here’s the sign up

**Need an iphone/ipad to download app

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