How to Wear a Jacket in Spring

spring download5edited

Although the spring air may not be blistering cold, it’s not exactly warm enough to go “jacket free” all the time. And, if you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t be caught dead in an actual winter coat in 40s and 50s temp. I found this post on Pinterest (are you surprised?) on a few ideas for spring jackets that I think many of you will find immensely helpful. Check it out!


A lovely reader (thanks Megan!) asked me to help her find some springtime jackets, and I’m happy to provide some Target options AND some other affordable options (see below) from other stores.

Here in the Midwest, we only really get the option of wearing springtime jackets for a short period of time. It’s only several weeks of spring and then BOOM, it’s too warm to wear a jacket at all. Le sigh!

I myself only have a trench coat (similar) and a waterproof hooded jacket (this one actually, because I’m lazy and hate carrying an umbrella). I’m looking to add two new jackets this year that I would consider to be “spring” jackets: a field jacket and a light wash denim jacket (as the one I currently has is a dark wash and kind of has a boxier fit than I’m looking for).

In terms of field jackets, I actually ordered the very popular J.Crew field jacket on super sale last weekend (thanks for the heads up, Fran!), and it arrived this week! Spoiler alert: I’m already obsessed with it, so that jacket hunt is over for me, but I’m mad at myself for waiting so long to get it. It’s currently on sale, but nowhere near the same ballpark figure that I paid, so I’ll try to keep an eye out for the price to drop and will alert you all then (if you’re not one of the thousands who already own it!).

So that’s spring jackets for you! Thanks again for the post idea, Megan! And for everyone else, let me know if you need any help finding affordable options for something you’re looking for!

  1. Merona Pink Print Anorak Jacket
  2. Coffee Shop Green Utility Jacket
  3. Merona White Denim Jacket
  4. Merona Florida Coral Anorak Jacket
  5. Coffee Shop Navy Print Utility Jacket
  6. Merona Ebony Anorak Jacket
  7. Merona Light Denim Jacket
  8. Merona Navy Polka Dot Print Anorak Jacket

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