2015 Hair Trends Guide

Check out 2015's Hair Color Trends! From babylights and platinum blonde to marsala and caramel browns - get your latest hair color ideas and hair color formulas here!

Hi lovelies! It’s been forever since I’ve seen your beautiful faces. If you haven’t been keeping up with my other social medias, I’ve been contaminated with mono. Yes, mono. I know, I know, utterly disgusting. So, instead of my sun-filled Spring Break, I get a couch ridden, Frozen on repeat variation. Since I’ve got nothing better to do with my time (except sleep), I wanted to try to get a post up every day during my break, because, Lord knows, this won’t be happening when school starts again.


These are the hottest hair color trends of 2015, so get your Pinterest finger ready!

Move over, ombre! There’s a new hair color trend in town, and it goes by the name “babylights.”

blonde-hair-colors-2015 2015-hair-color-trend-for-brunettes babylights-hair-color-trend babylights-hair-color

Babylights are reminiscent of the soft, sunkissed strands that graced your hair as a child. To achieve this look, pair finely woven highlights with handpainted pieces for a dimensional, yet subtle glow around the face and ends.

As the name may infer, Babylights have the ability to add a hint of youth to your client’s overall appearance.“Never doubt the power of a few face framing highlights.” [Click to Tweet this quote] Babylights are particularly low maintenance, and can be done on all hair types, making it a great choice for almost anyone who sits in your chair.

The key with this hair color trend is to find the delicate balance between placement and natural color graduation. Unlike your ombré technique, bold and high contrasting root to end colors with lines of demarcation are not the goal.

We recommend microhighlighting in small sections where you need control (face + crown), and using your baylayage technique through the mids and ends to keep the final look as natural looking as possible.

PRO TIP: Be sure your lighter pieces aren’t lifted too high – a safe rule of the thumb is to make your highlights about 2 shades lighter than your base color.


According to Pantone, an expert color company, 2015’s Color of the Year is Marsala – a robust and earthy wine red. Elegant and multifaceted, Marsala can act as a bold statement color or complementary tone for many of your browns and reds.

Let’s explore how this trend could manifest itself in hair color:

2015-hair-color-trends-for-brunettes burgundy-hair-color-trend plum-hair-color-trend-2015 brunette-hair-color-trends-2015

Aubergine appears on the very violet spectrum of your wine reds. Its deep plum and dark red hues resemble that of a young, full-bodied wine.

This hair color trend is extremely versatile and can look great on all skin tones. For cooler complexions, focus on your purple, eggplant hues; for warmer skin tones, add a few brownish-red colors to ensure skin does not appear yellow or sallow.

“I love formulating this hair color for my darker leveled clients,” says Organic Color Systems’ Technical Director, Rebecca Gregory, “Aubergine is the perfect complementary color for cool or neutral brunettes living at levels 4 and below.”

Much like the wine, Merlot is a rich red color with subtle hints of cherry and cocoa.

marsala-hair-color wine-red-hair-color brownish-red-hair-color hair-color-ideas-for-brunettes

This vibrant shade contains equal parts violet and red, and much like Aubergine, can be easily modified to suit all skin tones.

In 2015, you’ll find requests for all over colors to be a rarity – most everyone is looking for a little pop or dimension. That being said, Merlot is the perfect color pairing for brown-based reds, and can be used as a deep lowlight or in slices to create beautifully dimensional redheads, which are also on very on trend.

rose-gold-hair-trend-2015 hair-color-ideas-for-blondes brown-hair-color-ideas-2015 hair-color-trends-blondes-2015

Rose gold isn’t just for blondes, though lightening powder is usually required!

These gorgeous pinkish copper tones can be accomplished on almost all hair colors. However, in order to achieve this highly sought after hair color trend, you will need to pre-lighten or begin depositing on levels 8 and higher.

PRO TIP: For longer lasting rose gold hues, try using the gold-yellow pigment present after lifting hair to a level 8 or 9. By not lifting past a level 9, pH and protein levels stay in tact, allowing for a longer lasting color service.

It’s a classic, but a rich chocolate brown hair color with caramel highlights is a great choice for brunette clients who crave dimension without commitment.

brown-hair-caramel-highlights hair-color-ideas-for-brunettes brown-hair-with-caramel-highlights brunette-with-caramel-highlights

PRO TIP: If you’re looking for a beautiful brown base color to pair with caramel highlights, look to your mochas and neutrals. Too cool of browns can cause your hair color to appear dull and flat.

However, don’t be afraid to mix caramel tones in with your soft, beige blondes for an ultra sophisticated look.

blonde-hair-color-ideas-pinterest brown-copper-ombre brown-hair-with-highlights brown-hair-with-copper-highlights

Copper hues are trending for all almost hair colors this season.

Whether you’re formulating for apricot blondes, spicy reds, or dimensional brunettes, copper tones are the perfect partner for hair colors with a golden hue. This hair color trend is best suited for netural to warm complexions with gold, peach or yellow undertones.

hair-colors-for-maturing-women grey-hair-color-for-mature-women silver-hair-color-for-gray-hair best-hair-color-for-older-women

Remember when clients just wanted to cover greys? For Hair Stylists and clients alike, pesky silver strands were once considered enemy number one.

However, in 2015, showing off silver hair will be anything but unacceptable for clients of all ages.

Organic Colorist, Sarah Whitesell says, “I’ve seen more of my mature clients being taken from all over grey coverage to actually letting their beautiful silvers and greys show by complimenting them with sandy blondes tones to create natural, soft dimension.”

Blending silvers with blonde is a striking combination, but never doubt the beauty of a front-facing silver streak paired with a dark brown base.

PRO TIP: Depending on your percentage and type of naturally silver hair, texture can be wiry and unruly. Be sure to conduct a Wet Stretch Test prior to your color application, as a moisturizing treatment might be needed to soften the cuticle.

On one of the end spectrum, silver can be used subtly to create an overall natural look, but to adapt this color for your edgier clients, look to your blue-based colors to achieve an all over fashion color.

silver-ombre-hair-color silver-hair-color-trend-2015 silver-hair-color-trend silver-hair-trend

PRO TIP: For an all over application, you’ll need to pre-lighten the hair to a very pale yellow (so keep those protein treatments handy)!

grey-hair-color-trend grey-hair-color-formula 2015-grey-hair-color-trend gray-hair-color-trend grey-hair-color-formula

Quite possibly the perfect color accessory for Silver Fox, dark grey and charcoal hair colors will continue to trend upward this season.

Your hair color formulas can be tweaked to reveal cooler, slate-like hues or warmer, beige greys – all are on trend. In fact, we recommend baylayaging a few different types of grey and silver to create a highly dimensional fashion hair color.

If you’re looking to create a grey look for your mature clients, look for predominantly warmer tones, since they are more naturally occurring than blue-greys, and natural grey hair lacks gold pigment.

Last year, platinum blonde was one of the most popular hair color trends with celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence opting to join the light side.

hair-color-ideas-pinterest silver-platinum-blonde-hair-color platinum-blonde-bob-hair long-platinum-blonde-hair

As a salon professional, you know bold hair color trends sported by celebrities will trickle their way into the salon, eventually. On that note, we predict 2015 hair color trends will continue to see a rise in platinum blondes locks for those that weren’t quite ready in previous years.

PRO TIP: While platinum blonde in the 90’s was distinguished by golden undertones (we’re looking at you, Justin Timberlake), 2015’s platinum is more modern and chic. Be sure to to lift the hair to a very pale yellow and cancel warm tones accordingly.

This is a great opportunity to introduce clients to a much needed silver shampoo!

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in demand for fun and flirty pastel hair colors like bubblegum pink and lavender. But just like any hair trend, styles evolve and it’s our job as stylists to stay updated.

blue-hair-color-trend pink-hair-color metallic-purple-hair-colors lavender-hair-color

Expect matte pastels to take on a lustrous life of their own with a new focus on shiny, metallic finishes. For strands to reflect these shimmery tones, hair must be kept as healthy as possible. Since nearly all pastel hair colors require a lifting process, protein and moisture treatments will be a necessary component of this trend.

PRO TIP: For added sheen, be sure to experiment with your gold and silver additives.

Did we miss any 2015 hair color trends? If so, share below!

**All credit goes to OGS

11 thoughts on “2015 Hair Trends Guide

  1. Great post!

    But how do I achieve the loose waves/curls like in the first photos (babylights section),
    I have a one-inch curling wand but can never achieve these to save my life. My hair is pretty thin and has about no volume but I want this to be an easy hair-style and detailes needed ):
    My hair is about medium length I’d say!

    Thank you,




    • Hi Cierra! I apologize for the incredible delay in my response. I’ve run into the problem before, too. I’ve found that wrapping my hair around loosely and for a shorter amount of time (about 15-20 seconds) gives me the curls that I want. Another way I curl my hair these days is with my hair straightener. There are many tutorials that simplify the process 🙂 A tip for the straightener is to brush out the curls/ pull them apart loosely with your fingers. Also, if you have a paddle brush, running that through the curls will seperate them enough to give your hair the waves you wish to acheive. I hope this helps! 🙂

      Here’s a link for a quick tutorial for curling with a straightener:


  2. I have never coloured my hair and I’m a natural mousy brown colour and want to go the plum. Do I need to bleach my hair to achieve it? Or what would you recommend? Thanks


    • Hi Laki! Although I am not a professional hair stylist in any way, based on previous experiences I recommend bleaching first. I say this only because when I dyed my hair, even though it was only a few shades lighter, I had to bleach it first because the colour didn’t show up the first time. If you feel uncomfortable going completely bleached, you don’t necessarily have to go really light/ blonde, just keep in mind that the lighter you go the more prominent the colour will be. Hope this helps! Let me know how it turns out!! 🙂


    • Hey Jeanette! It depends on your natural hair colour. If you’re a lighter brown-blonde then you can go straight ahead with the dye (I suggest going to a salon and consulting with a professional on the best shade for you). However, if you’re a darker brown-black hair colour, you’ll most likely need to bleach it a bit lighter first. Although it’s not 100% necessary, your darker hair will show through, giving your hair multiple shades (you can see this effect especially in the sun). I would like to disclose that I am in no way a professional, just giving you my knowledge I’ve picked up from my stylist and websites and such. Hope this helps, and I’d love to see the final outcome!!:) -Maddy


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