What’s Beautiful to You Right Now?

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What is beauty? This is a question I have been asking myself for quite some time. And, lately, it seems to be popping up every chance it can. It is said that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” if this is the case, then isn’t everything beautiful? Doesn’t everything hold a certain apsect of beauty to someone? I know what you’re thinking, “What does this have anything to do with today’s post?” The answer is, everything.

Whilst looking through the April issue of Glamour magazine, I came across an article by Cindi Leive titled What’s Beautiful to You Now? As many of you know, I kind of have a thing for articles. I don’t know what it is that draws me to them, but they’re basically the only sort of reading I do (besides blogposts, fanfics, and the occasional book I’m forced to read by school). In this post, Cindi took a stance on a few of her favourite things at the moment and, today, I’ve decided to do the same.


Fiji Water

Water’s something that we need to survive. Instead of paying $1.50 for a bottle of dasani water, I’ve started paying the extra 29 cents for Fiji water. Not only is it over half the size, but it’s filled with electrolytes and will last throughout the day. This is my phase where I only drink imported water…. my God, I sound like such a snob and so high maintenance.


Meghan Trainor

I want to start off with a moment of silence for our local Starbucks. They’ve recently decided to stop selling c.d.s (what is this madness?!?!). We good now? Okay. Over the past month I’ve bought two albums from Starbucks: Hozier and Meghan Trainor. I have to say Meghan’s voice is perfection. She’s so soulful; it truly is an experience I’ll never forget just listening to her voice and way with words. It’s empowering.



I’ve recently joined Track and am finally being confronted at the lack of muscle I possess. I’ve always admired people who’ve run, and, this past summer, I decided to act on my dreams. I never really thought I could run because I’ve grown up with severe asthma. However, I’m slowly, but surely, working my way to achieving my goal. By this time next year I’ll have abs!

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