Prisoner of Fashion: How to Customize a Uniform


Where ever you go, you’re likely to find yourself having to follow a uniform or dress code. I’ve been attending a private school my entire life, and have found it quite hard to express myself through fashion when there are so many rules dictating every detail. It is a free country, right? How is it that we have so many rights, but when it comes to clothing, we are shut down? I wanted to give you a few ideas on how to personalize your uniform, while still being professional about it.

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I’m always looking for new hairstyles to use on an everyday basis; I like to change it up because it’s one of the only things my school hasn’t made an official rule against. Even with short hair, it’s possible to add a bit of your personality by using cute accessories, like a headband or scarf. The possibilities are really endless for this, and I use that to my advantage. My favourite site for new styles is Pinterest, I practically live on it!

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I’m not sure about workplaces, but I know a lot of private schools have rules about shoe colour and design. And, as much as I disagree with this rule, I wouldn’t go out of my way to break it. My advice for this is just go with it. You may only be able to wear black shoes, but find a style that you will love wearing on a daily basis. That way, instead of dreading the rule (and eventually the institution) you’ll be happy to go to school. Shoe Dazzle has amazing styles (and deals!) on shoes, and it’s totally customized specifically towards your liking.

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Again, a lot of places hold very strict rules regarding jewelry. My school lets us do whatever we want with this (excluding lab days). If you aren’t allowed to wear a lot of bling, keep it simple. You don’t need to wear “statement” jewelry to make a statement. Even the smallest things can compliment your outfit; use that to your advantage! I’ve found that Forever 21’s jewelry is so cute, and so cheap. If you’re looking for more simple items, I would look at a site like Wanelo.



Ahhhh, finally, my favourite. You see, I’m one of those people that changes her nail colour every other day (at the least). I love the idea of adding to an outfit just by painting your nails. They can be professional (french manicure), or even fun (lady bugs, perhaps?). Nails are the one thing I refuse to let anyone take away from me. Seeing the pop of colour on my hands just brings me happiness, and no one can take that away from me. Personally, my favourite is Essie, but, seeing as how expensive that is, I mostly go with Elf, which is a close second.

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