Candles and Cannolis

Hi lovelies! Another Sunday brings another update post. This past week has been even crazier than last (if that was at all possible). I really don’t know how people are so busy all of the time. I am so tempted to just take a day off at least 5 days a week. Anyways, here’s what my schedule looked like:

art festivalDSC_0375_0

Monday morning I had no school. However, I did end up spending my time at a music/ art festival at my school. We pretty much hosted 10 schools in the area for an all day event consisting of music and art (hence the name). The best part of the day was obviously when I went on break for cheez-its and club crackers 🙂

physics paper

Tuesday was definitely brutal. I decided, the night before, that I didn’t need enough sleep and I would somehow be fine with that. Yeah… we can all guess how wrong I was. The funny part is I never learn from that mistake. Despite my flaw in judgement, I am incredibly proud of myself. I started and completed a physics lab the day it was due.


Wednesday was my brother’s birthday (21, WHOOP WHOOP!). We got some Chinese food that had the BEST wontons of all time. I’m not kidding you. If we ever meet, you’re trying those wontons. After stuffing myself more than Thanksgiving, I came to the conclusion that I should clean out my backpack. Man, was that a mistake. It was probably the grossest thing I’ve done in quite a long time. I also swapped out Bethany for Lucy (whom I believe has not been introduced to the interweb). I finished the day up with some laundry and a Monk season 6 marathon.


Thursday was by far the most laid back day I’ve had. School was really easy and when I got home I did literally nothing.

sophomore page

Friday wasn’t as relaxed, but it wasn’t too bad. I finally finished the page for yearbook I had been working on for a couple weeks. My sister did push me into a corner at school, but other than that my day was nice. I even beat my previous record for holding my hand in ice water (2 minutes 30 seconds if you were wondering). When I got home I watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 for the first time. It was really sad. Like, all he wanted was a friend :/

zendaya teen vogueWP_20150207_004

I worked Saturday from 10-5 and it was really interesting. I got to set up foods (and sample them). My feet hurt like mad when I got home, so I mostly just lazied around for a bit. I also finished up my AP Psych study guide (kinda freaking out because my test is Tuesday and we’ve hardly even gone over any of it). My Teen Vogue also came in the mail, HALLELUJAH! What a great surprise 😀

jersey boysWP_20150208_001WP_20150208_004

This Sunday was the first Sunday I’ve worked. It was only 4 hours, but, dear lord, did it feel like the full 7 hours. Thankfully I had plenty of time to do my mounds of homework. My mum got Jersey Boys and it as pretty cool. I’m literally in love with the song Sherry. After doing another load of laundry (the horror!), I got a cannoli… technically half because I split it with my sister who then proceeded to have a small allergic reaction to it. Overall, this week was pretty chaotic, and I’m counting down the days for Spring Break (it can’t come soon enough).

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