5 Face Favourites

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There’s nothing like the feeling of a clean face. It’s probably one of my favourite things. But it can be exhausting trying product after product only to see the “guaranteed results” are ineffective. Here are some of my favourite everyday products I use on my face. And let me tell you, these do wonders for my face. I’ve always had incredibly sensitive and dry skin, and all of these take away the stress of having to worry about that.

5 face faves

1. Simple

I don’t really know exactly how long I’ve been an enthusiast of Simple products, but I do know one thing: they work. When I first discovered Simple, my skin was unbelievably dry. It would get flaky and putting makeup on it only made it worse. After the first time using it, I remember how clean my face felt (the same kind of cleanliness you feel when you have fresh sheets and shaven legs). Another great thing about Simple is how affordable it is. It’s a drugstore kind of buy, but worthy of a Chanel title. Most places I’ve found you can get them at under $5.

2. Curél

I have my sister to thank for this beauty discovery (it was actually a big accident, but that’s another story). Curél is perfect for me because it soaks into your skin literally right after you put it on. Most moisturizers you’ll have to wait before you can do anything, but this takes about 3 seconds and you’re good to go. I’ve priced this product at quite a few places and all of them are selling differently. If you’re in the mood for a bargain hunt, the cheapest I’ve seen it is right under $3 from Walmart (which is the travel size). Otherwise, you can get a whole tub of it for $12 at Target. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what size you get, because you’ll be ecstatic with the final results.

3. St. Ives

I’ve been using St. Ives since about 6th grade. This is probably the first face wash I used that I actually stuck with. Their facial scrubs have made such a difference in my appearance; it’s crazy to see what one product can do for you. It must be said that you can overdo this. Seeing as it is an exfoliater and should only be used once or twice a week otherwise you’ll end up drying out your skin and killing your pores (learned that the hard way… OOPS!). However, when used properly, this will end up being one of your life-long products. For the most part St. Ives sells for $3-4; HOLLA!!!

4. Noxzema

Noxzema is a beauty remedy that has been passed down for 4 generations (starting with my great grandfather). To be honest, I used to hate it: the smell, the texture, just everything made me gag. After wallowing in my discomfort, I decided to finally try it out for myself so I could fully decide my feelings towards it. Instead of confirming my disgust with the product, I actually came to accept it. I’m not in love with it, but it does smooth and shrink pores (which is always a plus!). My relationship with Noxzema is still a little iffy; kinda like that one girl that you’re not friends with, but you’ll say hi to if you see her. Surprisingly, Noxzema is really cheap, around $5 depending on where you look. **Fun fact: I spelt Noxzema wrong this entire article until looking it up for pricing 😛

5. Cetaphil

My newest obsession! I used to use Cetaphil in middle school when my skin was really poor. I don’t know it it wasn’t really working for me back then, or if I just got tired of trying (probably the second one). Anyways, I’m tryign it out again, and it’s actually really helping me this time around. Cetaphil is the only one that I use on a daily basis. That’s saying alot! If you didn’t know, it is also one of the top dermatologist recommendations. This can get on the pricier side, but buying it at a place like Costco where you get it in bulk will definitely save you some money and time!


**Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cover picture? I mean, I totally look that graceful when splashing water on my face… don’t you???

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