Girl on the Job & Superbowl Sunday

Hey guys! Happy Superbowl Sunday! This past week has been so hectic for me. Here’s just an update on what I’ve been up to since last week.


Last Sunday evening I joined a debate regarding the Royal Rumble during a live event held by Joe Weller (pretty much one of my favourite YouTubers). Finding out that he was holding a live stream was good enough, but then he decided to use my comment as part of the debate, which was incredible! The only downside? He couldn’t pronounce my username. Oh well, we can’t be perfect at everything, right?

images (5)

This week was Catholic School’s Week, and our “theme day” for Monday was Come As You Are; pretty much pajama day. Whilst many people decided to go with sweatpants and a T, I opted for a rather bold outfit; my zebra onesie. After failing an english test, I went to training for my job; which was actually pretty fun! It’s one of those situations where you get so worked up and nervous over but when it actually happens it goes by so quickly. Overall, Monday was a pretty good day for me (obviously excluding the test :P).

images (4)

Tuesday‘s theme was quite… adventurous? The official name of the day was Salad day (each class received a different salad dressing to come as, and seniors got 1000 Island). I was obviously very confused on how to dress like salad dressing, so where do I look? Google! Very long story short, I ended up dressing Hawaiian (even though the dressing came from Canada; somebody didn’t do their research!).

images (3)

As always, I got sick on Wednesday. Surprisingly I put my time to good use. Not only did I catch up on my mounds of homework, but I also did some yoga and started teaching myself guitar again. So far I’ve got 3 chords down!!!


Thursday was pretty basic. It was twin day, so my sister and I dressed alike (which only confused some people even more because we look “so much alike” on a regular basis… smh). On the plus side, I got some mint chocolate 🙂


Friday themes are always my favourite: Spirit day! I don’t know why, but I love going all out on representing my school. Don’t get me wrong, I am so confused as to why school spirit is such an emphasized aspect in American culture. But if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!


Saturday was my first day of work. The store was holding an event for the Superbowl, which was actually pretty fun. It’s kind of funny, but my first task was sorting out some peanuts. Don’t think it’s funny? Well, more like ironic because I’m allergic. Still don’t think it’s funny? Well, my main task for the day was serving some pulled pork and pulled chicken… and I’m a vegetarian. Okay, I really didn’t mind all that much seeing as how heavenly it smelt, but honestly, you have to admit it’s creepy how that worked out, right?


Superbowl Sunday!!!!!!!! Today was really busy 😛 I finally filmed an intro to my channel. At about 3 I went to a youth group meeting, then stayed for a Superbowl party (Katy Perry though!). I’m writing this during the end of 3rd quarter, and currently 24-14 to the SeaHawks (BOOOOOOO!). I don’t think I can wait until the end of the game to finish up this post, but we’ll know soon enough. (Please Lord, be the Patriots!!!).

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