Keeping Up With the Jenners?


If you’re on this blog, I can only hope you’ve heard the name Kardashian before. From Bruce Jenner’s transformation to Kim and Kanye’s wedding, the Kardashian family is bigger than ever. But it’s not just the adults who are in the spotlight anymore; Kylie and (even more so) Kendall have begun their journey in creating a name for themselves. Everywhere I look I see articles on Kendall Jenner, and that brought me the idea of a collection of “Get The Look” posts inspired by the oldest of the Jenners.

Get the look kendall 1

Blazer- Lookbook Store $39 / Top- Nelly $27 / Pants- House of Fraser $145

Shoes- Nelly $30 / Backpack- New Look $38 / Watch- Forever 21 $23

Earrings- Last Call $21 / Bangle- H&M $6.04 / Lipstick- Burberry $33

get the look kendall2

Sweater- ChicWish $45 / Skirt- Get the Looks $79 / Shoes- Heels $50 

Clutch- Etsy $35 / Necklace- Charolette Russe $6 

Lipstick Living Nature $40 / iPhone case Nathalie Schuterman $105

get the look kendall3

Top- H&M $18 / Skirt- House of Fraser $15 / Socks- Hot Topic $8.40 

Shoes- H&M $38 / Backpack- Walk Trendy $30

Sunnies- Fly Jane $23 / Polish- Revolve $15 / Lipstick- Nars $36

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