New Vans & Meeting Olaf

Happy Sunday! I can’t believe it’s been a month since Christmas. That’s insane!!! Today’s post is really just an update of what this past week has brought to me.

twitt mlk

Monday was obviously Martin Luther King’s day. And, I’ve never really given it much thought until this year. As much as I hate having to listen to all things race nowadays, I did really reflect on all of the work he did; giving up his life to fight for what he believed in. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? It’s sad to see all of the injustice in the world.


Tuesday was the first day back to school. I had to suffer through an AP Psych test, which went a lot better than I had thought (82%!!).


Wednesday, nothing really happened. School was pretty basic, and easy going.


Thursday I went on a field trip with my Respect for Life group, and we went to the Cathedral for a prayer service. I’m the kind of person who sees both sides on the abortion issue, and was trying to broaden my views on the religious side of the issue. Although I do not side completely with ProLife, I do have a deeper understanding on their beliefs.

WP_20150123_003 WP_20150123_007 WP_20150123_012 WP_20150123_027

Friday, we had off. NO SCHOOL!!!!! After sleeping most of the day away, I went on a walk with my sister. This was the most exciting day of the week because I finally (successfully) walked on a frozen lake without falling in!!! We found this cute little snowman someone made, and took some pictures with him (Olaf, guys). And on the way back home, we walked along the creek, finding this colony of about 70 ducks (we later realized we were bird watching for 30 minutes). The nature walk was so peaceful, it’s amazing to take a few hours of your week and just relax. After this, I spent the rest of the day revamping the heck out of my blog. It’s perfection! (Actually, I have a lot of things to tweek, but you know..).

twitt sick

Saturday I woke up sick. If you stay up to date with my twitter, you’ll know just how much pain I was in. It was truly horrific. Thank god it only lasted one day.


Sunday, today, I went shopping for new work clothes. It made me realize just how much I hate shopping. Maybe it’s because of my anxiety, or fear of being confined in a big area filled with germy people, but I was about to freak out. Eventually I found a pair of black pants and black shoes (yes, I went there for the 2 simplest things in the world, taking forever!). I think I’ll stick to online shopping. Sadly, I have to go study for an English test I have tomorrow, wish me luck!

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