How to Wear Cardigans


The past few days, I’ve literally lived on Pinterest. I really wanted to be more productive when it came to that site, and decided to add more boards in order to get more viewers. It has helped, reaching about 50 notifications within the past 24 hours. To get back to the topic, and keeping in mind how many views my post on Wearing Boots with Jeans got, I found another helpful post and wanted to feature it here. Hope you enjoy!

Cardigans are one of those things that every woman has in her closet. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and prints, but all cardigans are not created equally. Some cardigans are better for certain body types, and others are better for certain outfits. It can get a little confusing sometimes, but wearing the right cardigan for your body type and for your outfit is important. So today let’s talk about it, lest you wear something that makes you look stumpy, wide, or just wrong.

Waist Length or Cropped Cardigan


First up, the most common and classic style of cardigan is the waist-length cardigan.

Find it at H&M for $14.99.

**Don’t vs. Do**


 DON’T wear them with long tops. The contrast in lengths is not flattering, and creates a weird shape and proportion on your body.

DO wear them with fit and flare style dresses, or high waisted skirts. The hem of the cardigan should not go more than a few inches past the waist band of your dress or skirt, so keep that in mind when pairing them.

The Oversized Cardigan


Oversized Aztec cardigans are huge this season, but they can be a little tricky to style.

Find it at Sheinside for $24.89.

**Don’t vs. Do**


DON’T wear loose fitting bottoms with them. Stay away from boyfriend jeans and maxi skirts. The wideness on top and bottom will make you look… WIDE.

DO wear  your skinniest pair of jeans or leggings. Keep those legs looking as slim as possible!

A Wrap Cardigan


Wrap cardigans have the same basic shape as a lot of the aztec cardigans that I mentioned previously, but they are usually more fitted and less bulky. They still have the longer drape-y length though.

Find it at Nordstrom for $39.90.

**Don’t vs. Do**


DON’T wear it with a short skirt. Even though it’s not as bulky as the aztec sweater, the drapey length creates weird proportions with shorter skirts. Even my knee-length one is too short to pair with this long cardigan.

DO wear it with dark jeans or pants to elongate your silhouette and flatter your figure. Those drapey lapels will create nice long lines up and down your figure.

Boyfriend Cardigan


My personal favorite!

Find it at DownEast Basics for $24.99.

**Don’t vs. Do**


DON’T go long. The longer length does not work with full skirts or dresses. See how the hem of the cardigan cuts off my body right at a nice wide area of the skirt? Bad. Stick to the waist length cardigans, as mentioned previously.

DO wear them with jeans, knee length pencil skirts, or shorts. They really will go with almost anything, as long as your bottoms are fitted and slim!

**Originally posted on Babble

**All credited to Merrick White

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