1.24.15: OOTD

Hi lovelies! Today was set aside as an “exercise” day. However, after only getting 2 hours of sleep last night, I was woken up with a nasty stomach bug. Without getting into too much detail, I sadly will not be exercising. That doesn’t mean my outfit will go to waste, though. Instead of a work out outfit, it’s going to be a lounging around kind of day for me.:P Send your healing thoughts! But just because I can’t workout, doesn’t mean I won’t inspire you to! Hope you enjoy 🙂


Sweatshirt- Adidas $44.99 / Tank- H&M $5.95 / Leggings- Roxx $7.99 / Converse- JCPenny $55

Beats- Khol’s $169 / Beanie- DHGate $12.90 / Phone Case- Amazon $8.70

** A workout is really the only way I’d ever go out in public wearing light blue leggings. That paired with a sweatshirt results in perfect comfortability (is that a word?) for my illness. This time I set out to find the cheapest look alikes, so I thought you would like that bit, too.

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