What’s In a Name?


Hi lovelies! It’s been brought to my attention that it is weird to name my purses. “Why do I do it?”, one might ask. The answer couldn’t be simpler: I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s a way for me to feel closer to them, but it’s not like they care anyway, name or no name. I don’t know when or how it started, but I feel the need to give my bags names. So, today I’m going to introduce you to my bag family. I hope you like them!

WP_20150118_012 WP_20150118_013

If you’ve seen my What I Got For My Birthday post then you’ve already seen the newest member. Seeing as my birthday theme was winter-y, and I got Frozen for my birthday, it seemed only fitting to name it Elsa. Elsa is a glittery blue bag from HSN. Although it’s too big to use on a daily basis (about the size of a small duffle), at least I can travel in style!

WP_20150118_003 WP_20150118_005

This is Lulu! Lulu was featured in my (poor quality) What’s In My Bag post. As promised, an updated version will be coming soon, seeing as how I’ve already swapped bags for the new year, that should be going up this week. Lulu is from Shoe Dazzle, and is pretty basic. There are no pockets or pouches in her, instead there is a smaller bag.

WP_20150118_006 WP_20150118_007

Meet Lily! Lily came inside of Lulu. I thought those two names go perfectly together; they’re like the twins of the purse family! Lily pops into Lulu and stays in place with the two clasps. She also comes with a removable strap if you want to use it by itself. Lulu and Lily have been my spring bags since last year.

WP_20150118_001 WP_20150118_002

This is Chloe! I’m pretty sure Chloe came from Target about 7 years ago, and she still looks like she’s brand new! The faux leather shines perfectly, and the tassel ties it together perfectly, giving off a classy yet simple vibe.

WP_20150118_019 WP_20150118_020

This beautiful brown bag is Bethany, and my current purse. It looks pretty small, but holds all of my essentials and extra school stuff; it’s amazing. The light tan colour is perfect for winter, but light enough for spring as well. Really, this fits for every season, and it’s over 10 years old! She’s my antique of the group.

WP_20150118_010 WP_20150118_011

Tiffany here! I’ve had Tiffany for about 3 or 4 years now after getting her from Shoe Dazzle. Over the years, T has helped me get through the years of lugging around cheer stuff, as well as going on trips with me. Although her handles are starting to wear, her sleek blue colour and chains bring out the best in her. She won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

WP_20150118_008 WP_20150118_009

Cara is probably the most neglected one of the group. I feel it’s really hard to tie her in for more than one outfit at a time. Cara’s from some shop in Time Square. You can’t really see by the picture, but if you look closely, Cara has shimmery strands woven through her. And the buckle effect brings the whole look to life. One of my goals this year is to give Cara some more care, and get a day or two of fresh air every so often.

WP_20150118_016 WP_20150118_017

This next one is Samantha. Like most of my others, she’s from Shoe Dazzle. I’ve had her for 3 years, and only used her a few times for football games at my school (the colours are blue and gold). I really like Samantha because she gives me that extra school spirit when I’m dreading the social events school brings. She kind of reminds me of an old fashioned Hollywood/ glamour theme.

WP_20150118_014 WP_20150118_015

Last, but certainly not least, is my backpack, Alexandria. Alexandria is also from Shoe Dazzle, and I’ve had her for 4 years. I love Lexi because she’s so shiny, and pink on the inside (which, if you didn’t know, is my favourite colour!). Lexi has recently been torn by my sister (although she claims it was my fault) and I have only been able to put a few light things in her, until I find a way to get her fixed.

Featured brands: HSN / Target / Shoe Dazzle

If you have any name suggestions for future bags (or shoes) let me know!

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