How To Be Happy

how to be happy

Hi lovelies! I’ve been seeing a lot of posts recently talking about reaching goals for the new year. Now this is kind of like that… but not really. Today I want to give you some tips to be happy in life, because, let’s face it, happiness is what you make of it. I hope you enjoy this post, and try them out! Healthy you is a happy you!

Organize Your Life

I know, a lecture on organization (EWWW). No, but really, keeping your life organized will help get rid of the stress. Carry a planner around in your bag or backpack to be able to write things down as they come. It really helps cut down on the procrastination to have a visual of what needs to get done and by when.

Stop Caring

When I say this I don’t mean just stop caring about everything. My life has become so much easier since I decided to stop caring what people think of me. There’s honestly no point in trying to please everyone when it doesn’t please you. You can never fully please anyone, aside from yourself. So focus on what makes you happy, and if the people in your life aren’t happy with that, they need to leave. In a way, yes, stop caring. But make sure it’s the right things you’re ignoring (if that last bit makes sense?).


Here I go, I’m going to say the dreaded ‘E’ word again: Exercise. It’s such a basic part of life that will make you feel sooooooo good; inside and out! From simple stretching to a full on work out, exercising is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. Based on your level and how comfortable you are with it, I recommend yoga, going for a run, or even a walk around your neighborhood (explore!!!!).


I don’t know about you, but I love volunteering. Knowing that I can make someone’s life a little easier makes me happy. I think it’s important for everyone to give back to local, national, and global charities. There are so many underrated charities that serve such a great purpose. Volunteering is a great way to make you feel better about yourself, and will make someone so grateful that there are people like you helping.

Learn Something

It’s never too late to learn something new. You can learn a random fact everyday. You can take classes at a school. Watch YouTube videos on how to do an accent. Learn a new language. Try a new food. The possibilities are endless!!! As humans, our minds are continuously growing. Learn about something you love and it will make you, not only happier, but smarter, too!

Drink More Water

Unless you’re like my sister, who drinks about 20 glasses a day, you need more water. I’m on a challenge to drink at least 8 glasses a day (so far I’m only up to 6, but I’m working!). Over the summer, I was on this journey to make my life healthier. I swapped out junk foods, drank only water (or bubble water, juice when I was sick), and exercised everyday… for the entire summer!!! I have never felt so good in my life. I dropped the excess weight I had and replaced it with water weight; which is so much better for you. My only advice from this long paragraph is drink more water!

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