Happy Birthday Elvis! & Get the Look

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Hi lovelies! If you didn’t know, today is Elvis Presley’s birthday; he would be 80!!! Another (weird) obsession of mine is Elvis. So much that my sister gave me a bunch of Elvis stuff for my birthday. After debating what kind of post I can make that represents and honors Elvis at the same time as fitting into my blog theme, I came up with an Elvis inspired outfit (which my sister so kindly made after me begging her to) from Polyvore.


Jacket Avenue 32 / Dress Sass and Bide / Shoes Paolo

She went for the “newer” version of Elvis by mixing white and gold, the fringe jacket, and ever so popular blue suede shoes.

Want to keep up with her updates? Go follow her at http://lil-marmalade.polyvore.com

Want to stay connected with my polyvore? Join my family of Rosebuds and follow http://shrawnty.polyvore.com/

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