Keurig Cocoa and Frozen Update


My planner says I am to be uploading an “Accessories of the Week” post today, however, I felt it was more appropriate to post about my day. After waiting almost 2 months, I finally have a snowday! Well, technically it’s just a “cold” day. It is currently 0°F and feels like -17° with a Wind Chill Advisory in effect until tomorrow morning. Althought I love getting an extra day off, I am a bit sad that I can go on any outtings (who am I kidding? I don’t have a life outside of the internet).

After finding out that last night about my school’s decision to close, I slept in until 11:00 today (which felt amazing), downloaded some remixes, started to make an outro for my videos, and about 5 minutes ago I learned how to use our Keurig machine. That thing is a life saver, it tastes way better than making it the long way. Right now I’m sipping my cocoa, watching and singing to Frozen with my mum (who’s sick, so send your healing thought her way!) and writing this post you’ll probably find incredibly boring. Eh, doesn’t really matter anyways because I’m just about done now. Sorry if I wasted 5 minutes of your life. Happy winter and stay warm!

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