What’s In My Bag?


Hi lovelies! Seeing as I have been pretty inactive until today, I wanted to give you guys a real post. It’s not exactly the best content (please keep in mind I have been sick for a week) but it’s a “What’s in my Bag”. (heads up, the pictures are really bad quality, sorry!).


To start, my bag is from ShoeDazzle (similar)


First things first I’m the realest I keep my wallet, keys, and phone. I’m not really sure where my wallet came from, but I absolutely love it. My keys are attatched to a Navy lanyard, and my phone is the Nokia Lumia 521 (I recommend not trying a Windows phone).

Next, I like to carry a mini notebook and pen in case any ideas come to me; I find inspiration at the strangest of times. I have a mini makeup bag, you could call it, which I just fill with essentials like eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, hair ties and bobby pins.

This next bit is really weird, but I carry socks with me. You never know when you can use a pair, yeah? Besides that, I bring my pink mouse, and portable charger with me.

Back to more basic things, I have my sunglasses, scarf (which was a birthday present from my sister), nail polish, and eos! God, I love my eos.

Madellina xx

**Like I said, really bad quality. But I will be posting an updated one once I change bags, which will hopefully be soon.

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