Homemade Peppermint Bark


Hi lovelies! In the beginning of December I found this simple recipe for peppermint bark. As this year was “my year” for Christmas, I wanted to do everything in my power to make it perfect, and mastering peppermint bark became one of my goals. I waited until the 17th to actually embark on my journey as a way to use it as gifts. This recipe is probably the easiest thing I will ever cook (apart from cereal) and strongly encourage you to try it. Enjoy!



1 bag white chocolate chips

4-6 candy canes (8-12 mini)

2-3 drops peppermint extract (optional)

variety of nuts, candies, etc (optional)

cookie sheet


1. Unwrap candy canes into a Ziploc baggy. Crush them with a flat surface. (Be sure to not crush them too much as you want there to be chunks of the peppermint).

2. Using the double boiler method, melt half of the chocolate chips. It is important to keep stirring so it doesn’t set or burn. Once the first half is melted, add the remaining chips. Continue stirring.

3. Once the chips are completely melted, add the crushed candy canes into the bowl. Stir thoroughly.

4. If you want to add the peppermint extract for more flavour or nuts/ candies, mix them into the bowl as well.

5. Pour the mixture onto the cookie sheet, and lightly shake to get an even layer. (**I used parchment paper to save from the mess, I highly recommend this method).

6. Stick it in the ‘fridge for 2 hours to let set. (or when the ends rise up)

7. Take a knife and stab the bark for it to break. Remember that the sizes and shapes aren’t supposed to be perfect!


**I put mine in a couple jars with some tissue paper to gift

**Keep refrigerated

**It makes a decent amount, I had enough to fill 2 mason jars with a bit extra for myself!

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