Last Minute Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve

Hi lovelies! As New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, I wanted to do another post to give you inspiration for the holiday. Today’s post will be 4 quick and easy hairstyles that you won’t have to spend hours on. Hope you enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage

1. A Double Gibson

Take the top layer and pin it up (doesn’t mater if it’s messy, just need to be out of the way). Start to pin bits of the bottom layer in an upward flip to the head. When the bottom layer is done, do the same with the top!

2. Criss-Cross Half Up

The name pretty much says it all. Take small strands of hair from each side of the half up, and cross them over. Do this about 3 times from each side. (You may need to pin each time after crossing over).

3. Side Braided Bun

Again, this is pretty basic. You begin by parting your hair to one side. Take the longer side and begin a braid. Take a clear hair binder to hold that. Sweep all of your hair to that side, and twist hair into a loose bun. Pin in place.

4. Gatsby Styled Headband

I am absolutely in love with this style. I’ve done it about a billion times, each a little different from the last. There really is no right way to do this. You can part your hair anyway you want it. Put a headband on, but leave it over your hair. I like to start at the back, begin taking strands and bringing them over the headband. Pull it through (depending on how long your hair is, you may need to do this a few times). Continue until you are up each side. For my bangs, I like to do a cute twist before putting it in place. Pin it where it is needed.

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