Perfect Winter Make-up Look

Christmas is officially over, the stress is gone,and we are free to prepare ourselves for 2015. One thing I know I always have trouble with is finding a good everyday make-up look for the winter that’s professional but also quick. I feel that the dark colours are more for fall, but the lighter ones are for spring. Today I’m going to give you my favourite make-up products that I use for the winter that don’t scream out “LOOK AT ME!”. In layman’s terms a look that can fit every occasion whilst being quite subtle, creating the perfect balance of lights and darks.


1. Primer -$26 Bare Minerals / 2. Foundation -$29 Bare Minerals / 3. Conceler -$12 Maybelline

4. Bronzer -$17 Wet’N’Wild / 5. Blush -$30 NARS / 6. Eyebrow Gel -$22 NARS / 7. Eyeshadow -$54 Naked

8. Eyeliner -$3 Elf / 9. Mascara -$8 L’Oreal / 10. Powder -$14 Rimmel London

11. Lipliner -$30 Bobbi Brown & Lipstick -$18 MAC

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