Blogmas: Winter Break Outtings

Tomorrow is officially the first day of winter break. And, based on past experiences, I know how boring sitting at home can get (some times over breaks I even wish I was at school). But I’m going to give you a few fun ideas that you can do by yourself, or with the family to stay productive over break, with enough time in advance to plan ahead.

Go see a movie. This is literally so simple, and honestly who wants to pay to watch a movie when you can do the same thing at home, right? Wrong. The experience itself of going out to see a movie is fun. Yes, there are people (ewww), but being in a theater makes it pretty safe to say you won’t be having to deal with much of them. I remember as a child, going to the movies was one of my favourite things.

Go to the library. Again, really simple idea, but so efficient. Especially if you have a lot of little kids in your family, take them out for some quiet time. Getting to pick out a special book or movie will totally make their breaks a lot better. The library is such a great place for little kids (or munchkins as I like to call them) because it’s fun and educational.

Build a fort. I know it’s not really an outting, but it can be considered one if you’re like “camping out” in it. I’m pretty sure my brother, sister, and I would build a fort just about every weekend when we were little. They’re perfect and cozy. Once you get it set up, you won’t want to take it down! Obviously, that’s unrealistic to keep it, and destroying it is just as fun, because you know the next time you make it what you will do differently.

*Said in a valley girl voice* Go shoppinnnng. I consider us Minnesotans to be pretty lucky to have the Mall of America so close to us. It’s pretty convenient to have such a big mall (and they’re expanding it) for certain occasions; so many stores to choose from. If you’ve already spent all of your money for gifts, go window shopping. Get inspiration for DIY things (big advocate for DIY here).

My whole point is, you don’t have to have a lot of money to go do something fun for the holidays. And you shouldn’t have to feel the need to hit your family members after being cooped up with them for weeks. Go out and do something fun with or without your family. I can guarentee that these will help make your winter break a little less stressful.

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