Blogmas: The Countdown Begins!

It’s officially 4 days until Christmas! Am I the only one freaking out? Technically the title doesn’t count for me, considering I am one of those people that begins the count down on December 26th. Anyways, Christmas is literally almost here, and if you’re not ready yet, you better get your head in the game (Tribute to Troy Bolton). Thanks to my mum watching WCCO’s news this morning and saving me from giving up on my journey on Blogmas, I present to you the 5 Cs of Christmas: Care, Character, Collection, Cool, and Comfort.

Care: Basic things that can make a difference to anybody’s day, whether it be something small, or big. Some examples are make-up, skin care, spa packages, perfume, lotion, lip balm, candles, travel essentials, pillows, cosmetic bags, and house slippers.

 Character: Based on what kind of person they are and the things they might want or need (textures and colours are really good). Hats, gloves, shoes, jewelry, statement earrings, belts, leggings, socks, and pocket squares.

Collection: For those who are like me, and love cute little collections of things. Something cute for the home, bedroom, kitchen, bath, table settings, entertaining, ornaments, pillows, candles (holders), decorative napkins and stationary.

Cool: Basically for anyone who lives for keeping up with trends. Headphones, accessories, clothes. This list could literally go on and on.

Comfort: This ties in a bit with care, but it perfect for some DIY ideas for lounging around the house. Socks, pillows, bedding, mugs, treats, gift cards.

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