Blogmas: The Secret Behind Secret Santas

As it is finally December, the month I’ve waited for all year, I can shamelessly get into the holiday spirit spending my days filled with decorations, buying presents, and singing Christmas songs at the top of my lungs without too much judgement. This being my first holiday season on this blog, I thought it would be a cute idea to share a part of my Christmas joy with you everyday. Thanks to my sister’s idea, I now present to you my very first Blogmas!

For my first Blogmas post, I wanted to give a little insight on my interpretation of the idea of “Secret Santas”. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I love giving back to people, in any way possible. Seeing that I can make someone’s day a little better makes my day 10x better. These days, it seems that people think that Secret Santas is all about the material things (I mean, who doesn’t love getting a little something every now and then?). However, to me, it’s not about the getting at all. Yes, I do enjoy recieving gifts, but I would rather have the satisfaction of knowing I am helping someone else.

In all of my previous experiences, I have been a part of Secret Santas with a group of friends, teammates, or even classmates. But there is something I discovered this year that opened my eyes that you can make people happy just by small things. One day, whilst scrolling through tumblr, I stumbled upon a post asking people to join her Secret Santa program for this holiday season. But instead of buying and shipping things across the world, we were to anonymously send cute messages/ submissions to the blogger everyday until Christmas. Once Christmas arrives we send them one final post, and let them know who we are. Not only are we making someone’s day, but we have the opportunity to have someone do the same for us. I just love this idea.

A thought that came to me whilst walking with my mother, is that we use the holidays as an excuse to give to people in need. It’s not the giving I’m complaining about, but the fact that we don’t feel the need to make sure people have a warm meal everyday with a roof over their heads and caring people around them to make them feel loved, it just breaks my heart. I want everyone to have these basic necessities.

If you get one thing from this post, I want you to walk away keeping in mind that giving a small piece of your happiness could make the difference of a world to someone else. Take the time to do something nice, not just for the holidays, but everyday after that. If you’re going through a hard time and are in need of cheering up, I am always open to talking. Stay strong and remember: Happy Holidays

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