Blogmas: DIY Ornaments

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the ornaments. They are so cute and set the theme for any tree. Personally, I’m really into the “shabby chic, vintage” kind of ideas lately, and would totally recommend working this into your tree. Below are some really cute vintage DIY ornaments I found on Pinterest.

This ornament is my 7 year old self’s dream. I love how the pearls work with the clear ornament, and the pink bow just ties it together!

This next idea was posted from an Etsy account, but seems really simple to make yourself! The shiny gems can be bought at a craft store, and hot glued to any ornament. Just imagine how cute it would look with the Christmas lights shining onto them!

For all you music lovers, this idea is too precious to not make! Using some sheet music, you mod podge it to an ornament, put on a light coat of glitter, and stick on a print out tag! For some extra glam they bejeweled the screw on top of the ornament, and the final look is completely perfect!

Although this next one seems to take a bit more time, the overall appearance is worth it. If you really don’t feel like taking the time to put soemthing like this together, you can buy one already made. I just love the idea of the vintage style of this, it reminds me of Marie Antoinette.

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