A Vintage Guide to Christmas

Today’s post will probably bore you, but I couldn’t resist. As I said in my DIY Ornaments post, I love shabby chic/ vintage ideas. And that mixed with Christmas is absolute heaven. Today I wanted to give you a few ideas on classic Christmas decorations with a vintage twist. So, I present to you, a Vintage Guide to Christmas.

One of the most classic decorations for the holidays are nutcrackers. But recently a Youtuber, Gabi DeMartino, did a room tour which showed the cutest nutcracker dressed like a ballerina. It was like a pink fairy puked on it (totally adorable!).

Okay, I guess I kind of lied. Nutcrackers aren’t the most classic decorations; Christmas trees are. So, to add a little vintage to your tree this year, I would suggest buying a pink and/or silver tree. If you’re like me and my family (and don’t do real trees), this is probably your best option. They are not only safe for your home, but so cute and reusable.

The season of gifting is upon us once again. But instead of buying so much wrapping paper that will make every person happy, go the easier (and cheaper) route. What’s better than “brown paper packages tied up with string”? You can literally wrap anything with it, and it’s precious. Top it off with some ribbon and you’ve got a vintage styled present!

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